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Structural problems of machine exports: highly concentrated, lagging behind absorbing power of export markets

Export structure 2020: 9% of the export countries for 73% of the exports

Comparison machine exports and industrial production of export countries 2008 - 2020

Focus sectors of the German machinery industry

Industry structure of German machinery industry is tripartite and highly concentrated

Machine-builders in Germany are content with IO-Link, boost expected until 2016

Quest study: How content with IO-Link?

Machine-builders evaluating IO-Link

Increasing market penetration of real time Ethernet and Safety Ethernet in the German machinery industry

Market shares of real time Ethernet protocols

Safety Ethernet growing reluctantly

Machine-builders demanding compatibility of protocols

The two main trends in automation technology since 1980

The two main trends in automation technology and how these trends affect the current and future suppliers' market structure. more...

The world regions of car production from 2000 to 2020.

World region automobile production 2020 to 2000: Shift to Asia

The world region of automobile production has drastically been changing since 2000. more...

Sales trend of German food industry at +1.4% p.a. in December 2021

Since mid-2017 sales trend of German food industry is at +1.4% p.a., production trend has been stagnating at -0.5% p.a. since initial 2018. more...

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