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Quest Trend Magazine

  • publishes trends in automation technology from the users' point of view mainly in mechanical engineering industry, automobile and F&B industries

  • highlights the worldwide economic conditions of these trends.

Focus on trends to automation technolgy from the users' view

These trends are based on market surveys by Quest TechnoMarketing, Bochum, London. Quest TechnoMarketing is specialized in market surveys for automation for more than 25 years and is the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine.


So the users get to know the trends based on the point of view of their own sector. This knowledge serves as decision aid regarding the automation technology. The feedback to the Quest Trend Magazine confirms this substantial benefit.

The spectrum of the feedback reaches from short statements to independent articles.


Manufacturers of automation publish articles in the Quest Trend Magazine to show how their products or services correspond to the demand trends. This is to support the users' orientation deciding on suppliers and giving some suggestions.

The Quest Trend Magazine is published as online edition in English, German and partly Italian language.

Focus on the economic conditions of these trends

These trends are influenced by the economic conditions. That is why this context between economy and technology belongs to the scope of this magazine.


The analyses of the automation technology's economic conditions are carried out by Quest Research, a department of Quest TechnoMarketing, founded in 2012.

Top positions with search engines even internationally

The Quest Trend Magazine is showing an excellent international position in search engines. Here some examples:

  • In China somebody looks via Google for: trends automation economics. 16.2 million hits appear, on rank 1 Quest Trend Magazine.
  • In India somebody seeks via Google more information about: 2012 packaging trends. 23 million hits appear. On rank 8 Quest Trend Magazine.
  • In Singapore somebody is looking for information about: automation trends 2012. There are 43.8 million hits. On rank 6 Quest Trend Magazine. 
  • In Bangkok, Thailand, somebody enters in Google: new trend in automation 2012. There are 41.4 million hits. On rank 3 Quest Trend Magazine.
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