ABB integrates drives, controls, safety and robots

Harmonized components required

April 16th, 2012 - Nowadays automated production lines in factories are determined by the interaction of a multiplicity of complex components such as PLC, motors, frequency converters, robots, switch devices etc. In the context of rising cost pressure well harmonized components offer clear productivity benefits and potential savings.


ABB offers a complete and modern range of drive technologies, control systems and safety engineering as well as robotics for the manufacturers of machines and plants. Out of this a further singular benefit arises for the industrial customers because all products are matched on each others providing a standardized platform from one single source.

Safeball for safe one and two manual controls

Safety becoming more important

In the final years the factor safety became in particular more important by the European Union Machine Guideline 2006/42/EG with mandatory safety requirements in regard to the development and construction of machines and systems.


These high safety requirements are opposed by an increasing complexity of the systems and machines as well as a high degree of automation suggesting higher requirements on technical solutions and their integration ability. Due to improved designs of control and monitoring systems the two goals of high safety and productivity can both very well be matched.


Complete portfolio of automation

With the acquisition of the safety specialist Jokab Safety in 2010, ABB closed the gap in its product range regarding safety solutions for the manufacturers of machines and plants. Since then ABB offers a complete portfolio of automation as well as turnkey solutions with integrated machine safety.

With the extension of the portfolio by the Safety Controller Pluto, ABB is better integrating Pluto with the engineering tool Control Builder for the automation platform AC500.


So for example at a production line a safety controller can operate hand in hand with the AC500 as sequencing control providing safe disconnecting of the system if the protection device is triggered or an emergency stop switch is actuated.

Safety SPS AC500-S from ABB

Safety PLC AC500-S combines PLC and complex safety functions

In 2011 ABB extended its portfolio of safety solutions additionally by the Safety PLC AC500-S.


The new safety control is a simple extension of the automation platform AC500 by safety modules. Complex safety functions can be integrated into the AC500-S and be interlocked with the general functions.




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