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Application-optimized bus terminal – perfectly tuned to your machine

Individually adapted mechanics shapes the essence of your machine. Thus you create specific competitive advantages. Automation however, which is not individually adapted but standardized, passes often up a chance to further competitive advantages.

March 12th, 2012 - This unsatisfactory situation results because individually adapted automation requires knowledge to build up high investments are required.

Function-integrated bus terminals lower complexity and assembly costs.

KUHNKE provides this knowledge for your disposal creating together with you an optimized and perfectly tuned solution.


A bus terminal with a suitable digital and analogue in- and output combination, exactly tuned to your machine, does not only lower the complexity and the mounting costs.


It increases at the same time the operational safety, permits faster data communication and protects reliably your own know-how. It substitutes numerous individual components by function-integrated modules.


This saves a costly wiring and permits even more a modular machine concept. Not the manufacturer of the I/O systems but the user and the application do determine, in which combination the bus terminal is compiled.

Stimulating the own spare part business, blocking product pirates

The initial investment into such a solution will pay more than for itself by savings and benefits in the near future. The lucrative spare part business will also be your own not leaving it to product pirates or standard system suppliers.


A perfectly tuned bus terminal to your machine is an investment into the future, which prove its worth itself very fast amplifying your competitive advantages.


Please find more information about bus terminals here.





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