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Application-optimized I/O-modules intensifying

The fine-tuning of the machine-builders is intensified widening also to the I/O level this year. Thereby changes with field buses are associated with.

Application-optimized I/O-modules are...

March 20th, 2010 - …determined for this survey in such a way. I/O modules that are adapted to the machines application

  • integrate cost-reduced analogue or digital I/Os completed by pre-processing
  • optimise size, type of protection, wiring method
  • lower assembling times and protect additionally against product piracy.

I/O-modules intensified

With 11% each tenth machine-builders intend to change to application-optimised I/O modules this year. That is an increase in relation to the previous year by more than one third as this value was 8%.


Application-optimised I/O modules fit completely the fine-tuning in the control technology. That is why in each case it is a matter of specific improvements at selected machine types.

Widenend distributed change

The implementation at individual selected machine types is what the majority of the machine-builders aims introducing such I/O modules. Only few machine-builders think thereby of the large series or the total machinery series.


This shows at the same time:

  • the machine-builders are striving to realise possible specific benefits, possible benefits with selected machine types
  • the machine-builders are expecting cost and handling benefits for themselves and their customers also with fewer high numbers of machines.

Application-optimised I/O-modules and field buses

With 77% more than three quarters of the installation-ready machine-builders want to use application-optimised I/O modules in context with changes at field buses. That happened last year not differently.


Thus the problems are confirmed machine-builders have referred to implementing Industrial Ethernet. The article in the Quest Trend Magazine „Ethernet in the machinery industry“ confirms that.


The intensifying trend to application-optimised I/O modules belongs to the solutions machine-builders are aiming for in order to cope better with the implementation of Industrial Ethernet.

Representative results

These results are based on the actual study of Quest TechnoMarketing „What the machine-builders want to change in the automation technology 2010“. They are representative because 36% of the machine-builders with 100 and more employees in 10 sectors took part that comprises scarcely 250 companies.


The article „Ethernet in the machinery industry“ is based on the comprehensive study of Quest TechnoMarketing „Ethernet 2008 - 2011, trend and innovations from the point of view of the machinery industry, the automotive and F&B industry“.



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