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IO-Link users: Interface below the bus level is really favorable

Connecting instead of wiring

In the next years to come the use of IO-Link will boost mainly in sectors such as machine tools, packaging machines and robotics and automation according to a survey from Quest TechnoMarketing, recently published. Besides simply switching detectors the demand for intelligent sensor and actor technologies will rise. To the simple standardized connection via IO-Link there is hardly an economical alternative.


It has been spreading around: IO-Link straightforwardly connects sensors and actuators by three-wire cable and plug connector with the automation system; IO-Link is the internationally certified point-to-point connection underneath the bus systems according to IEC 61131-9; and both field bus and manufacturer independent. Wiring is passé because connecting via IO-Link makes machines faster ready for production at the customer.

Use IO-Link stands for Universal, Smart and Easy

Use IO-Link stands for Universal, Smart and Easy: Universal underlines IO-Link’s feature being applicable independently from manufactures, and compatible with all bus systems. Smart reveals IO-Link’s potential for totally integrated communication solutions while Easy expresses that IO-Link simplifies almost all tasks regarding production, operation and maintenance of plants.

Benefits for binary, analog I/O, mixed signals...

Users of IO-Link are particularly impressed how installation is becoming simplified: Using IO-Link there is no time-consuming wiring, no screen mounting, and no terminal boxes any more. Just connecting by three-wire cable, plugging, ready. So e.g. binary I/O devices: IO-Link enables to plug them on sensor hubs close to the operation place, thus reducing wiring volume and the number of field bus interfaces.


When analog I/O devices are concerned benefits become even more apparent: on the one hand saving of screened cables, interface modules and submodules and on the other hand rising of both data communication’s reliability and measured value’s accuracy. In regard to mixed signal devices terminal boxes and the splitting according to analog/digital signals do not apply any longer.


IO-Link makes it easily possible to integrate intelligent concepts for parameter settings and diagnostics providing real added value for the customer. IO-Link reduces the number of types and the warehousing, finally lean system designs claim minor footprints.

All benefits of IO-Link at a glance

The benefits of IO-Link in the overview

Benefits summing up to cost savings of 30%

With IO-Link processes can be managed more simply, more efficiently and more economically over the machine’s total life cycle. This applies for everybody dealing with construction, operation, maintenance and service of a system.


IO-Link is more economical than alternative solutions based on field buses or RS-232. 30% of the costs can be easily saved with IO-Link when total costs of installation, operation, maintenance and material are considered. Stated by users with experiences in the use of IO-Link and do not want to miss this versatile interface any longer. IO-Link has met the expectations of these users to a considerable degree.

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