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Bosch-Rexroth - energy efficient drive technology with system

Bosch Rexroth reduces the total energy consumption of systems and machines via its platform of efficiency-optimised drive components, intelligent control technology and systematic system tuning.

IndraDrive Mi
Bosch Rexroth offers with its IndraDrive product range high-functional drives turning uncontrolled motors into energy efficient drive solutions.

July 12th, 2010 - Rexroth offers with the IndraDrive product range energy efficient automation solutions on the very state of the art. Regenerative power supplies are provided for the total power range.

Power losses lowered, construction volume lessened by 50%, cabling costs  reduced by up to 85%

The compact drive Rexroth IndraDrive Mi, an innovative motor-converter combination, lowers the cooling requirement and reduces line losses. The connection of up to 20 drives to a shared power supply reduces the wiring by up to 85%. By 50% lower control cabinet volume and up to 70% reduced construction volume enable additionally a substantial saving of resources for the production of machines and systems.

With e.g. shrink packers the IndraDrive Mi makes a very flexible combination of different machine modules possible. So the shrink packer will change into a tray packer just by adding two IndraDrive Mi to the existing ones without increasing the total cabling costs. The cabling costs remain low as well as the installation expenditures of the control cabinet. IndraDrive Mi reduces the total system costs substantially.

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Motors provide 95% energy efficiency

On the motor side Rexroth achieves efficiencies of more than 95% with its broad range of synchronous motors equipped with high-energetic NdFeB permanent magnets in the rotor.

With software tools and system consultation to higher energy efficiency

However, only energy efficient drive technology does not exhaust the potential of optimisation. That is why Rexroth supports the complete process from the application engineering to start-up with unified software tools and system consultation. The opportunities range from the integrated monitoring of the energy consumption of drives up to control system-integrated software tools for analysing cycle time and energy efficiency.

Dr. Roland Steffan
Dr. Roland Steffan is Head of Productmanagement Drives at Bosch Rexroth AG at Lohr, Germany

Bosch Rexroth AG belongs to the world-wide leading specialists of drive and control technologies and achieved with 34,200 employees a turnover of approximately 4.1 billion euro in 2009.

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