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Complete program from ABB for factory automation

The current change survey confirms the integration in automation technology as driving force for the change of technologies. Integration leads via integrable components and partial solutions to complete solutions, integrating control technology, drive technology and safety engineering. This is the field ABB is seeing its core competence.

Complete program of modern, economical products and product-supporting services

ABB - complete range of products for factory automation.

March 28th, 2011 - ABB offers a complete program of modern, economical products and product-supporting services to the machinery and engineering industry and for factory automation.


The enterprise supports its customers to develop still more efficiently and more productively and react flexibly to changing market conditions.


As high-performance single solution or combined in packages the products and services help the industrial companies to secure their lead in the national and international competition.


Integrated solutions and ABB’s technical and process expertise permit to them at the same time to concentrate fully on their core competence.


Ralph Muhm, Teamleader Factory Automation at ABB Automation Products, Ladenburg, Germany

The drive and control technology of ABB fulfills all requirements to flexibility, energy efficiency and machine safety.

  • "All our products are consorting perfectly with each other and co-operate smoothly." Ralph Muhm, ABB


Applications are becoming more and more dynamic, the degree of integration in the automation technology is rising and the interaction of the components is becoming more sensitive and more complex.


Against this background ABB offers products and systems for the industry that communicate smoothly with each other providing the additional benefit, to be based on the platform of one single manufacturer.


The energy efficient solutions by ABB help the customers to use energy more intelligently saving money and preserving the environment.


Even for the safe man-machine interaction, the international top topic, ABB offers interesting products. Comprehensive safety functions of the converters, a new safety control and a new safety controller open new, interesting prospects for machinery safety.


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