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Control Techniques - higher energy efficiency by modern drive technology

Control Techniques develops and produces drive solutions for the entire machinery industry providing an industry-sector-specific know-how to a great extent. All drive units are extremely efficient and can accurately be adapted to the requirements of the application.

Commander SK range
Commander SK range

Even for standard applications with energy saving function

July 15th, 2010 - For standard applications the Commander SK with performances from 0.75 to 132 KW and its internal energy saving function is the right choice. The dynamic adaptation of the motor’s magnetisation to the load saves energy. A motor starting with the converter protects the mechanics, avoids both high starting currents and expensive power peaks in the line.


Unidrive drive units range
Unidrive drive units range

Automation platform Unidrive SP for asynchronous and synchronous motors

The Unidrive SP is used by many applications as automation platform. Its universal closed-loop control provides control of both asynchronous and synchronous motors.

With performances from 0.75 KW to 1.9 MW it offers highest productivity. Its regenerative feedback adds up to an edge.



Servo converter Digitax ST with Unimotor HD
Servo converter Digitax ST with Unimotor HD

Highest dynamics with reduced energy demand

Highest dynamics and reduction of the energy demand combine the low-inertia compact servo motors Unimotor HD with the servo converter Digitax ST.


Control Techniques - global partner

We, the team of Control Techniques, are a section of Emerson, a world-wide active American enterprise with 20 billion dollar turnover and over 137.000 employees. As a global partner we offer a comprehensive and world-wide standardised program of drive technology.


Dr. Holger Koenig, Head of Sales and Application at Control Techniques
Dr. Holger Koenig is Head of Sales and Application at Control Techniques at Hennef, Germany

Your partner for technical consultation is close to you. At our Drive Centres we answer your questions regarding services and spare parts in a straightforward and flexible manner. Further services and the high quality standard of our products guarantee you both high cost effectiveness and availability of your machines.



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