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Control technology 2009 - High change readiness for many reasons

Last year 27% of the investigated 220 machine-builders intended to change the control technology with the machines.

The reasons for the change readiness

January 25 2010 This change readiness is the highest since 2003. The reasons for these changes show up clear priorities. (Multiple denominations possible)

More economical control components

32% of the change-willing machinebuilders want to lower the costs of the control components.

  • „One sets value on real time and at the same time one is “under enormous cost pressure”. The real time problem shall be solved by the new control system. One will change from an embedded solution to a IPC solution.“ (Textile machines)
  • „One uses only newer variants of CNC control systems for the low cost range.“ (Machine tools)

Higher performance of the machine

The most denominations are focussed on reduction of costs; however, this does not play an absolute role. 22% of the changewilling machine-builders are centred on a higher performance of the machine.

  • „Due to the substantial lower cycle times we intend a change.“ (Wood processing machines)
  • „At the end of 2007 the PLC was already replaced by the PC. Now one is about to refi ne the concept still more using soft-PLC and control system in the control terminal for smaller machines. For the motion applications with servo drives the control system has to react terribly fast.“ (Packaging machines)

Standardisation of the control technology

19% of the change-willing machine-builders intend to standardise the control technology together with the change.

  • „One standardises the control technology. The solution of XY is substituted by YZ and the in-house solution runs out likewise. Also the CNC and MP control system will preserve another computer basis. The PLC will become a PC-based solution.“ (Wood processing machines)
  • „A large number of control technologies are to be standardised. As subcontractor for OEMs in the newspaper printing and in the job printing one had different technologies, those to be now standardised on a new control system technology. The microprocessor technology is replaced by this technology.“ ((Printing/paper handling machines)
  • „One wants to further expand PC-based control with soft-PLC due to more openness and performance.“ (Rubber/plastics machines)

Shorter engineering times

For 15% of the change-willing machinebuilders a lower expenditure of time is the centre of the change with application engineering, programming and/or start-up.

  • „It is a continuous process to substitute the PLC in favour of a servo control for several axes. One would like to have fewer interfaces, thus diminishing also the starting costs of application engineering and programming, reducing the time for lineup, having above all also less failure at the customer.“ (Packaging machines)


With 11% of the denominations changed requirements of the end-users play the lowest role with the changes of the control technology.


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