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Ethernet cables in track chains optimized for industrial applications

Industrial Ethernet is more and more expanding into the automation technology. So Ethernet cables are subject to completely different operating conditions. Moving devices or components need Ethernet cables in track chains. Highest demands are imposed on the manufacturer of these cables in order to ensure a fully industrial-suited use - even in the food industry, in chemistry and pharmacy.

Nothing moves without track chains

Use of Ethernet for office purposes and under condition of IP20 and IP67

February 14th, 2011 - Due to the vertical integration of the automation Ethernet is expanding into the factory area. Industrial Ethernet does not only require very special network architecture as specified by the EN 50173-3, but is also imposing substantially greater demands on the cables regarding flexibility as well as mechanical and chemical resistance.


Using an Ethernet cable for industrial applications that is standardised just for office purposes works as if one is driving with summer tires across the arctic.


If cables are connected to moved devices or components, core pairs within the cable may shift against each others seriously reducing the transmission performance. Moved components are mostly supplied via energy carriers, commonly called track chains.


Design of the LÜTZE SUPERFLEX cable
LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cable design

The proven LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cables are designed for these purposes providing a very high durability combined with equal lasting technical characteristics in track chains.


Competing requirements with track chains

Track chains imply highest challenges for the manufacturer of the related cables. This is why track chains are subject to a combination of contradictory requirements. The flexibility and reliability of a cable under different industrial environmental conditions require often opposite measures concerning materials selection, dimensioning and production technology.


These challenges in the cable’s design require besides proper acquaintance of the application also substantial knowledge and experience.


LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® in track chains - well proven under industrial conditions.

SUPERFLEX® Plus - cables optimized for track chains by LÜTZE

Already since several years the experts at LÜTZE at Weinstadt have designed cables optimized for track chains. The SUPERFLEX® Plus covers so various ranges of applications it can straightaway substitute several competitor's products.


So the visitors of the Hanover fair 2008 surfed the Internet with high speed via a moved track chain with SUPERFLEX®.

SUPERFLEX® TPE for food industry, chemistry and pharmacy

Joerg Boer is Product Manager Cable at Friedrich Lütze GmbH & Co. KG at Weinstadt, Germany

In the autumn 2010 LÜTZE introduced the SUPERFLEX® TPE, optimized for biological environment such as food and beverage industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural operations, bio energy production as well as compost and purification plants.


These examples confirm how high flexing, multifunctional and reliable LÜTZE SUPERFLEX® cables are. The specialists with LÜTZE look forward to challenges engineering suitable solutions also for special applications.


Please email me for more information especially in regard to your application. My email is Joerg.Boer(at)


You find further information about cables for track chains on the website of Lütze.


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