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SystemOne CM - the most compact automation system of its class

Highest integration with the control of three axes for servos creates maximal benefit - innovation made by LTi

SystemOne CM is the new benchmark regarding compactness, dynamics, safety and costs. It perfectly combines motion controller, safety control, central power supply and multi-axis controller to a well designed system.

Integration saves space

November 13th, 2013 - There are three crucial points making SystemOne CM the most compact automation system of its class. First the integration of the safety control into the motion controller, then the integration of a 500 W switch-mode power supply into the supply unit and finally the use of double and triple axis servo controllers. So SystemOne CM saves space in the control cabinet by up to 40% compared with standard multi-axis systems.

Integration lowers costs

Increasing the degree of integration within SystemOne CM does not only save space but also lowers costs. So e.g. three drive axes in a tripple axis servo controller share one single case, one field bus connection, one power connection and one switch-mode power supply enabling a remarkable cost reduction. Beyond that the high degree of integration reduces the number of required components compared with standard market systems lowering even the costs of mounting and installation.

Dreiachsregler für Servos von LTi
SystemOne CM, compact multi-axis automation system with scalable servo drive technology. (Photo LTi DRiVES)

Integration increases dynamics and precision

The high degree of system integration is based to a crucial extend on the new control ASIC that combines all required functions for drive controlling into one single chip. This in turn improves the evaluation of both the encoder and the current by higher resolution and better signal quality to a higher degree than it has been until now. This leads in combination with the high-grade control structure including compensation and observer functions to dynamics and precision in the application that are singular.

Dreiachsregler mit Einkabellösung von LTi
Revolution – Three-axis servo converter with one-cable-solution. (Photo LTi DRiVES)

Integration ensures safety

The automation system SystemOne CM includes integrated scalable safety functionality providing all functions to make machines safe according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG. They range from simple safety functions such as STO and SBC over safe single axis movements such as SLS and SLP up to the collision protection of several axes and the safe monitoring of a work area. So SystemOne CM covers the safety functions of today's machine generations ensuring at the same time the flexibility to cope with the challenges of tomorrow.

Integration opens up flexibility

The motion controller provides a scalable computing power on PC base integrating the technology packages for standard PLC and motion control according to PLCopen as well as for CNC and robotics on a software platform. That opens up an enormous flexibility making SystemOne CM suitable for a large number of applications.


Typical applications for SystemOne CM:

  • Machine tools
  • Wood processing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Machines for semiconductor and electronics production
  • Beverage bottling machines
  • Textile machines
  • Robots.

SytemOne CM at your fingertips at stand 240 in hall 4

The revolution in the automation at your fingertips at the SPS IPC Drives fair in Nuremberg,
hall 4 stand 240.


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