New sensor monitors filling level - plug & play and food-grade from ifm

New level sensor from ifm

„For sensors the degree of protection IP 67 or 69k, i.e. splash and jet proof, is necessary. We select the components according to the requirement that water cannot penetrate.“ In such a way a well-known beverage manufacturer justifies his demand for a high degree of protection for sensors quoted in the Quest study that investigated also the requirements for sensors in the Food and Beverage Industry. The level sensor from ifm, presented here, ensures IP 68 or IP 69K.

Level under control

October 4th, 2012 - In the food industry the filling levels in storage tanks are to be controlled to avoid production shutdowns. Pumps may not run dry because a fluid had not been refilled in time. Level sensors or point level sensors match reliably this requirement. However, a multiplicity of media is used in the food industry. So does each medium need its specific level sensor?

Plug & play: only two types of sensors for 100 and more media

Level sensor controlling medium in a storage.
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Level sensors for the use in the food industry were tested with about 100 different media from acetone to butter (with or without salt), egg yolk, fruit concentrate, cocoa powder, mayonnaise, milk, remoulade up to sugar.


The levels of all those different media are safely controlled by only two types of level sensors, the level sensor LMT 100 or LMT 110. Along a simple media list the user chooses one of the two sensor types according to the related medium.


That’s all. The user safes all settings for the specific medium because the two sensor types are already factory-provided pre-set.


Perhaps the user prefers using only one type of sensor adjusting it himself to the related medium. For this purpose the type LMT 121 is available as third one. This sensor can be adjusted to virtually any liquid and viscous medium or bulk material thanks to IO-Link.


If two media change during the process, has the sensor to be adjusted to the different media via IO-Link every time again? Not at all. The LMT 121 provides two switching outputs that can be set independently of each other so it is possible to differentiate between two media.


A sensor for the food industry with further 10 product benefits

In all details the level sensor is optimized for the use in the food industry:

  • High degree of protection IP 68 and IP 69K
  • Hygienic design
  • Maintenance-free sealing concept
  • High-grade stainless V4A or PEEK
  • Resistant to foam and deposits
  • Allows integration even in small DN25 pipes
  • Comprehensive selection of adapters and plug connectors
  • M12 connectors
  • Lasered type label for durable legibility
  • Also FDA certified.
Foto: Robert Moeninng, ifm


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