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Real time Ethernet strongly growing in German machinery industry to 2012

The market shares of real time Ethernet until 2012

How will the market shares of Ethernet as field bus develop up to the year 2012? 25% of the machine-builders in the 10 automation-relevant sectors with 100 and more employees called their planning in October and November 2010.

Ethernet at the machines growing fast

January 10th, 2011 - Already each second machine was equipped with Ethernet in 2010, thereof 29% with TCP/IP and 21% with real time-oriented Ethernet.

In the year 2012 72% of the machines will be equipped with Ethernet according to the planning of the machine-builders. TCP/IP will be used with 35% and real time-oriented Ethernet with 37% of the machines. Thus real time Ethernet will grow at an annual rate of 42%.

ProfiNet takes top position

The market shares of ProfiNet, EtherCat, Powerlink, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Sercos III, Varan, in-house solutions 2010 and 2012

38% of the investigated machine-builders used ProfiNet at the machines in 2010. Thereby summarises ProfiNet all the different versions such as ProfiNet CBA, ProfiNet IO and ProfiNet IRT.

ProfiNet will dismount this top position among the real time Ethernet protocols on 42% of the machine-builder to 2012.

EtherCAT on second rank with noticeable distance before the followers

26% of the investigated machine-builders used EtherCAT in 2010, up to 2012 it will be with 24% a little less machine-builders. These portions of EtherCAT are such pronounced that they cover the portions of the three next Ethernet protocols.

Powerlink, Sercos III and Ethernet IP with market shares from 5% to 11%

Powerlink showed 11% market share in 2010, something weakened with 10% for 2012. Sercos III is to rise according to the planning of the machine-builders from 5% to 8% of the investigated machine-builders. Finally Ethernet IP will drop from 10% to 8% in 2012.

VARAN, Modbus and in-house solutions below 5% market share

VARAN will keep constant its market share of 3% according to the intentions of the machine-builders. Modbus will loose from now 5% to 3% market share and the in-house solutions will remain constantly in use with 2% of the machine-builder.




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