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Mitsubishi Electric - integrated technologies and more...

The change survey 2011 regarding the automation technology also reflects noticeably the current fundamental behaviour of our customers. A majority is preferring intensified the integration of safety engineering, energy efficiency of the drive technology and scalable control technology.

With Safety Solutions on the safe side

Complete safety engineering

April 8th, 2011 - Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of products with integrated safety engineering ensuring a fast and simple approach to meet the EC Machinery Directive.


The spectrum ranges from safe frequency converters, safe servo drives, safety relays, compact safety controls up to complex interlinked safety concepts.

iQ - the integrated platform

The iQ Platform integrates PC, PLC, MC, CNC and Robotics.

The iQ Platform integrates PC technology, PLC, Motion Control, CNC and robotic control on one hardware platform. So it controls all production processes unified by one technology.


The communication between the integrated control platform and the superordinate management system runs bi-directionally and in real time via MES-IT. This provides high flexibility and adaptation to specific applications ensuring the sustainability of the investment at the same time. These features are crucial in the today's time.

Energy efficiency

Complete product range

To use energy efficiently the consumption of energy has to be determined first. Then the energy consumption may be optimized according to defined criteria. Mitsubishi Electric offers graded solutions ranging from measured data sensing by a measuring device up to an energy management system.


In regard to drives there are energy efficient frequency converters and servo drives.


Complete product range

Peter Mischitz, Manager OEM Program Europe at Mitsubishi Electric Europe, Ratingen, Germany

With our product portfolio we are particularly well positioned for the Asian markets. The high market acceptance we are enjoying results from innovative products and highest product quality.


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