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Mitsubishi Electric - fine-tuning of control technology and more...

The 2010 control technology survey precisely reflects the actual approach of our customers. A majority trusts in stability instead of new investments, i.e. adaptations and improvements.

Stability - due to the quality of Mitsubishi components

March 27 2010 Our customers have been trusting the proven quality of our systems for over 30 years. A strategy of continuous improvement has allowed us to continue meeting these expectations, and will do into the future.

iQ Platform integrates ALL control systems into ONE platform

iQ integrates PLC, MC, CNC and Robotics into ONE platform
iQ Platform integrates PLC, MC, CNC and Robotics into ONE platform

In this context we extended the iQ Platform towards PC-based open systems.


The iQ Platform sets a unique benchmark. As a worldwide first, it is the only control system which integrates PLC, Motion Control, CNC and Robotic Control into ONE platform. Thus it controls all production processes based on one unified technology. The communication between the control systems and the supervisory management systems takes place bi-directionally and in real time.


This offers great flexibility and adaptation to non-standard applications together with crucial investment security.

Connecting production and management levels without a gateway-PC by using MES Interface-IT

The MES-IT solution eliminates expensive and trouble-prone gateway computers. MES Interface-IT closely interlinks the production level (shop floor) with the management level (top floor), making them a unified, transparent, simplified system architecture.


So MES Interface-IT offers the user an easy approach to interlinking applications to the IT-world, offering direct access to all production-relevant data. The menu-driven configuration software enables configuration by parameter setting and do not require any special knowledge of databases or ERP system programming. From simple acquisition of operating data up to complete interlinking of shop floor systems, everything is possible with substantial cost savings.

e-F@ctory increases productivity and quality

e-F@ctory increases productivity and quality

Mitsubishi Electric developed the innovative e-F@ctory concept meeting the requirements of the markets for higher productivity with simultaneously improved production and service quality, i.e. an optimised value chain.


This solution enables maximal transparency and a continuous information flow between the production and management levels. The e-F@ctory Alliance offers a broad spectrum of strategic partners with a large knowledge pool of developers and system specialists, providing new solutions for customers on a still higher level of connectivity and functionality, in a more comprehensive way than was possible up to now.

New machinery directive - safety solutions on the safe side

Complete safety engineering

Mitsubishi Electric does not just comply with the new machinery directive; we offer a safety-product portfolio that offers our customers a flexible safe automation concept. The spectrum ranges from basic safety relay solutions up to complex interlocking security concepts - this is the Mitsubishi Electric Safety Solution.


Christoph Behler, Manager Business Development at Mitsubishi Electric Europe at Ratingen

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