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More energy efficiency with free choice of the motors by Danfoss VLT® automation drive

This year each second machine-builders want to implement energy efficient drives. Different approaches are possible. Among others AC motors according to the new IE specifications or PM motors. Danfoss controls both motor technologies by one converter with unified operator control.

Considering the complete system of motor and converter

March 28th, 2011 - The trend is going to more energy efficiency of the system with more compact machines and higher degree of integration at the same time. Particularly for the purpose of higher energy efficiency permanent magnet motors (PM-motors) are becoming intensified implemented offering a higher degree of efficiency already due to their technology.


In addition the IE2 and IE3-motors will be subject to an upward trend in the future. However, only the view on the complete system of motor and converter ensures greatest possible success using energy efficient components.

Central and distributed converters - ONE operating - free choice of the motor technologies

For this purpose Danfoss offers a broad range of products consisting of frequency converters for central and distributed system/machine concepts as well as for energy efficient PM motors.


The converters VLT® automation drive and VLT® Distributed Drive FCD 302 provide one standardized, unified control concept for all motor types and central and distributed installations.

Energy efficient complete system

Eric Eifert is Director Industry Europe, Middle East and Africa at Danfoss GmbH, Offenbach, Germany

They are forming, included the VLT® OneGearDrive, an extremely energy efficient complete system being optimally adjusted to each other.


All components can also be implemented in consisting systems in interaction with existing engineering due to its open system character. This facilitates the use with retrofit or extension of consisting systems.


All components already correspond to the energy efficiency defaults of the MEPS specification ensuring to the users high investment safety of their systems.


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