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Unidrive M by Control Techniques

New platform of frequency converters from 0.25 kW to 1.2 MW for almost every application


Control Techniques, the drive technology part of Emerson, a large American technology company, has recently presented a new series of frequency converters offering decisive benefits for machine-builders and end-users.

Standardized device platform from 0.25kW to 1.2 MW and from 100V to 690V

November 19th, 2012 - Now machine-builders and end-users can use their know-how at the most in handling the converters over the total range of application. This is a great benefit, which enables smooth and reliable operating.

Unified frequency converter structure for asynchronous, synchronous motors, high-end servo drives and linear actuators

So the machine-builder becomes noticeably more flexible to adapt axes still better to the application and to match customer’s requests. The standardized operating and parameter structure of the converters simplify operation and start-up.

Scalable functionality in seven levels

Seven frequency converter models offer an upward ladder of functionalities. The drive controls ranges from V/f control over vector control, rotor flux control without or with encoder and regenerative feedback to the system.


The possibilities of integration into networks and field buses start with the stand alone converter over optional modules for field bus communication up to onboard real time Ethernet according to IEEE 1588.


Typical devices selected from the unified converter family

Unidrive M100
low-end converter

Unidrive M400
mid-end converter

Unidrive M800
high-end converter

The mid-end range of the converters provides an onboard PLC up to integrated high speed onboard machine controller for high end motion control applications.

The functionalities of the operation reach from a LED control device up to a standardized software tool with graphic interface.


Adaptation to the application as accurate as possible is the credo of this scalability as well as the prevention of oversizing and underperformance.

Standardized software tool for programming and start-up

A programming that may be necessary for application uses programming languages based on CoDeSys supporting the open industry standard IEC 61131-3. Intuitive graphic tools facilitate the usage. Also at this point, know-how that was once collected can be greatly utilized for every application.

Integrated Standard Ethernet up to integrated real time Ethernet according to IEEE 1588 for high-end applications

The interfaces for communication and field buses follow the scalable functionality:

In the low-end range without Ethernet or field bus connection but with relay output over a broad range of modules for field bus communication up to onboard real time Ethernet according to IEEE 1588 for high-end applications. An integrated switch makes it possible to present multiple Ethernet protocols on a single network.

Integrated safety functions

Individual or double STO inputs for safe torque disengagement are available in the converters for mid-end and high-end applications.

Increased energy efficiency

Standby mode with low energy demand, easy common DC bus configuration and high efficiency control of permanent magnet motors open up additional sales advantages for the machine-builder vis-à-vis his end customer.

Future safety by world-wide operating technology company

Control Techniques is the drive technology part of Emerson, a world-wide operating American technology enterprise with 133,000 employees and 235 production facilities.


Control Techniques is world-wide represented with over 90 Drive Centers and sales partners, three of the Drive Centers in Bonn, Chemnitz and Darmstadt. This ensures customer closeness on-site. Many Drive Centers support the machinery industry with system solutions inclusive control cabinet.



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