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Panel PC benefits from fine-tuning

Fine-tuning the control technology instead of changing technologies - the machine-builders pursue this way in the control technology this year. Which role thereby does Panel PC i.e. operator panel with integrated control system play?

Panel PC now on rank 1 in the change

Changing demand of the panel pc in 2010

May 31st, 2010 - Fine-tuning the control technology favours the new use of Panel PC i.e. operator panel with integrated control system. Regarding those machine-builders that intend changes to this control type, more than two thirds decide for a new use.

  • 68% intend to use Panel PC for the first time.
  • 13% change existing Panel PC keeping their use stable.

  • 19% of the related machine-builders want to substitute this integrated control system by other control technologies.

That is the highest portion of new use compared with other control technologies such as PLC, PC, microprocessor control, CNC or contactor-based control technology.

Last year Panel PC already accounted for rank 3 in the change. So last year’s trend has been continuing intensified.

Cost saving and increase of performance

On the one hand the improvement of consisting control technology i.e. the fine-tuning is currently determining. On the other hand the Panel PC shows the highest portion of new use i.e. change to this control technology.

Above all there are cost saving and increases of performance that cause the machine-builders to this change. This already suggested last year:

  • „Because of cost saving and the open programming language.“ (Food processing machines)
  • „So far one has PLC and operating panel from XY and would like to change to soft-PLC and 8" multi-panel from XY. This solution costs on the average 300 € less…“ (Food processing machines)
  • „So far the components are in the control cabinet, the customer would like to install as few cables as possible to the weighing machine. The system with the touch screen is to make these benefits possible. So far the operation took place key-controlled. So the change offers cost benefits for the customer and for the machine-builder itself.“ (Rubber/plastics machines)
  • „Standardisation, cost reduction“. (Printing/paper handling machines)

These aspects show up too this year:

  • „One is changing from PC to PC with integrated panel shifting to Linux.“ (Packaging machines)
  • "One wants to lower S7 in favour of CodeSys control systems.“ (Packaging machines)
  • „One is being behind schedule with the changes intended last year…The PC that was formerly used as operate PC at each machine will become ever more strongly a control system PC increasing from 50 machines to 100 machines this year.“ (Wood processing machines)

Further aspects and solutions

The Panel PC corresponds to the main trend in the automation technology to an ever higher degree of integration.

This trend is outlined in the article „The trends in the automation technology“.

The current role of the fine-tuning covers the trend article „Fine-tuning the control technology determining for the first time“.


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