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Softing – ONE hardware integrates different protocols

ProfiNet, EtherCat, Modbus - fast integration by SOFTING

An interlinking to field devices - easy to realise and long-term, universally usable -is an important question in practice. Its solution will decide on how fast real time Ethernet will be further implemented at the machines.

ONE hardware for different protocols

Evaluation platform
Evaluation platform for the FPGA based Industrial Ethernet solution by Softing

March 21st, 2011 - The flexible solution by Softing permits the fast integration of different protocols by only one FPGA based hardware!


Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) are microelectronic components, which can flexibly be adapted to the related application after their assembly. They contain programmable logic cells that can be connected with each other according to their projected functionality.


For the popular Industrial Ethernet protocols like PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP the functions for the required real time characteristics are implemented in hardware. FPGAs permit the most flexible, protocol-independent implementation of the consisting requirements. The real time-relevant components are realised as IP Core.


By activating of those components that are necessary for the desired protocol the same hardware becomes available for different protocols without limitations.

Functionality of device flexibly adaptable via software

Frank Iwanitz, Technical Product Manager Industrial Ethernet, Softing Industrial Automation GmbH

The less time critical sections of the respective communication protocol can run via software. The interlinking of the actual functionality of the device is made by a standardised software interface providing the access to the required protocol functions.


For the presented solution it is irrelevant whether the device already exists or shall still be developed, whether it is a matter of a one-processor or a two-processor system.


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