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One engineering framework combines all components of automation intuitively and efficiently

The current change survey confirms the fact that Siemens is on the right path as reliable partner with its innovations, be it PLC or PC-based products and systems, hardware or software solutions.

Controller series SIMATIC (PLC-/PC-based)
Controller series SIMATIC (PLC-/PC-based)

Ever more intuitive, efficient use of automation systems required

April 19th, 2012 - The concept of Totally Integrated Automation provides the appropriate portfolio for the users suitable to all technological requirements.


As a world market leader Siemens has been investing as much as no other global active company in the continuous advancement of its products, solutions and services for the automation technology.


Our customers have been benefiting from our goal of an ever more intuitive, more efficient use of automation systems retaining the proven virtues of the SIMATIC products.

TIA Portal on SIMATIC Field PG M3
TIA Portal on SIMATIC Field PG M3

Increasing integration is demanding more powerful engineering tools

The intensified integration of ever more functions is demanding more and more efficient engineering tools. These functions are e.g. safety engineering, efficient communication, easy drive parameter setting up to complex Motion Control and applications of feedback control and not least preprocessing of the data for HMI.


The complexity of the cooperation of products and systems must be reduced to be user-friendly.


Our TIA portal shows how simply, intuitively and efficiently the interaction of all automation components is working within only one single engineering framework.


So the graphic programming, much appreciated by many machine-builders, simplifies significantly the usability of machines’ planning and application engineering.


Integrated simulation tools and progressive system and on-line diagnostics effectively support one criterion that must not be neglected: Time to Market.



Andreas Czech
Marketing Manager for automation systems at Siemens AG
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