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US-Journalist Sanger: Stuxnet is made by the secret services of the USA and Israel

The hypocrisy of the US Governement in regard to cyberattacks

June 1st, 2012 - The computer virus Stuxnet has been worrying the manufacturers and users of automation technology since 2010. Stuxnet attacks process plants that are programmed by the widespread Siemens step 7 and controlled by WinCC. (See the Stuxnet dossier by Symantec, containing 68 pages, p. 2). Stuxnet changes the control system logic of the process plants of gas pipelines or power plants.


In September 2010 Symantec counted world-wide about 100,000 hosts infected by Stuxnet infected, over 60.000 of them alone in Iran (Symantec, Stuxnet dossier, page 5)


At that time one assumed as initiator the secret services of Israel and the USA, having developed this high-complex virus and brought into position.


Now the American journalist David E Sanger is publishing his book „Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power“.


In a New York Times’ article from June 1st Sanger confirms as result of his researches that the American and Israeli secret services developed and spread this virus against the Iranian systems for uranium preparation.


With this publication, the magazine Spiegel online assumes, „the digital first strike against the Iran is obviously to be declared as the second martial success of Obama’s first term of office. A better election campaign help could hardly happened for the US president“.


Whether this affects in such a way or not, the substantial point with this matter is the fact that double standards are applied.


Obama announced the so-called Obama doctrine in the spring 2011, that the USA will regard Cyberattacks as martial action to be answered by armed forces.


What hypocrisy! That is why at this time Stuxnet had been long spread with knowledge and agreement by Obama. The US Government arrogates to itself the right to start Cyberattacks against other countries; however, the same mean in the hand of other countries turns out to be a martial action.


Stuxnet should disturb sensitively the assumed production of nuclear weapons in Iran. However, the crucial point is not, which country belongs to nuclear weapons but nuclear weapons at all are weapons of mass destruction, which must be outlawed and destroyed world-wide. And the first step to this goal may be to declare officially the no-first-use of nuclear weapons. This have declared only China and India by now.

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