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Results of the change survey 2010

Trend to Ethernet-based field buses determining

43% of the investigated machine-builders intend to change field buses this year. Thereby the change to Ethernet-based field buses is in the centre of the change readiness.

Ethernet-based field buses substitute classical field buses

March 30th, 2010 - Ethernet-based field buses, ProfiSafe and ASI will win new users; the classical field buses will lose users by balance. The focal point is the change to Ethernet-based field buses. It happens particularly at expense of the classical field buses. This change has been already taking place since last year.


How does this change affect the Ethernet- based field buses in detail?

70% will implement ProfiNet and EtherCAT

Changes in real time Ethernet in the German machinery industry in 2010

70% of the machine-builders that want to change field buses this year intend to introduce ProfiNet or EtherCAT.


The lion's share is allotted to ProfiNet with 48% followed by EtherCAT with 22% of the denominations.

Ethernet-based field buses are growing dynamically

The other Ethernet-based field buses are introduced in each case of fewer than 10% of the change-willing machine-builders. Altogether this indicates compared with the difficult economic situation a dynamic development fitting very well to the overall picture, which describes the changes of the machine-builders at the automation technology this year: fine-tuning.

Representative results

These results are based on the actual study of Quest TechnoMarketing „What the machine-builder want to change in the automation technology 2010“. They are representative because 36% of the machine-builders with 100 and more employees in 10 sectors took part that is scarcely 250 machine-builders.


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