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The new drives family that is dedicated to manufacturing automation

Unidrive M - modular frequency converter series, Standard RT Ethernet and open control with Codesys

Unidrive M offers a complete drives solution for manufacturing automation with each drive tailored to meet the needs of a specific group of manufacturing customers in a way that has never been done before.

Tailored to your needs!

November 13th, 2013 - Unidrive M includes seven variable speed drive models each with increasing levels of functionality. The power spectrum ranges from 0.25 kW to 1.2 MW.  


Unidrive M is tailored to the precise needs of manufacturing customers – ensuring that each drive delivers only the functionality required. The drives are flexibly upgradeable with option modules. There are additional inputs and outputs, additional coder interfaces, optional interfaces for almost all automation systems and upgrades for control functions.

Frequency converter family Unidrive M from 0.25 kW to 1,2 mW
The Unidrive M drive family's power spectrum ranges from 0.25 kW to 1,2 MW (Photo Control Techniques).

Unidrive M enables open machine control with CODESYS and Standard real time Ethernet

Unidrive M offers a revolutionary open machine control system based on standard real-time Ethernet with IEEE1588 V2 and license-free programming with CODESYS V3.  Data is transmitted via a cycle of 250 µs and synchronization is considerably more accurate than 1µs.

Unidrive M - Functionality, Performance & Flexibility.
Unidrive M - Functionality, Performance & Flexibility (Figure Control Techniques).

Unidrive M allows users to control asynchronous and synchronous motors in open and closed loop modes on a standardized platform. This enables the user to select the hardware that is most suitable for his application and also allows standardized operation and parameter setting with startup, diagnosis and maintenance.


The optimized closed-loop functions lead to more accurate and precise control. Along with the autotune functions, they enable the user to increase the rate of production and accelerate startup. The control dynamics of 62.5 µs with 16 kHz are extremely fast. All devices can withstand up to 200% peak load and are able to deal well with short-term peak currents.


Standard Ethernet enables the easy programming of all devices from any location and the CODESYS capability allows users to quickly establish machine control.

Unidrive M opens up competitive advantages for the user

Unidrive M was developed specifically for manufacturing automation customers in sectors such as textiles, paper, metal, metal, wood, rubber, plastics and printing as well as food, machines for the production and testing of vehicles and machines for packaging and handling.

Unidrive M on a printing machine.
Unidrive M on a printing machine (Figure Control Techniques).

Unidrive M offers major possibilities for the automation and modernization of machines including: optimum scalable hardware; faster startup, diagnosis and maintenance; increase of machine productivity and efficiency as well as the faster development of control system solutions.


Unidrive M’s new control system solutions will give manufacturers and machine builders the competitive edge they need in order to cope with global competition.

Unidrive M from Control Techniques in hall 1, stand 310

To learn more about how Unidrive M will benefit your business visit Emerson, i.e. Control Techniques and for the suitable motors Leroy Somer at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair in Nuremberg (hall 1, stand 310).  We are looking forward to meeting you!

Dr. Holger König, Sales Manager Germany, Control Techniques.




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Unidrive M from Control Techniques and the suitable motors from Leroy Somer in

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