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Universal integrated safety engineering now for up to 12 axes

The integrated safety engineering for drives is the most favoured change in the drive technology by the machine-builders this year apart from the implementation of energy efficient drives. To this topic SEW-EURODRIVE has extended the safety module series MOVISAFE® UCS.B by two multi-axis safety modules.

Integrated safety now for up to 12 axes

The new safety modules UCS50B - 51B by SEW-EURODRIVE

March 28th, 2011 - These new modules contain an integrated logic processing enabling free linkage of inputs and outputs and modular extension modules for up to twelve axes.


Both logic modules provide 

  • a 7-segment display,
  • a parameterization interface (RS-485) and
  • digital in-/outputs, which are expandable on altogether 150 digital in-/outputs and 54 outputs by supplementary modules.


These multi-axis logic modules UCS50B and UCS51B cover almost all safety functions according to IEC 61800-5-2 and can simply and fast be installed with all converters by SEW.

Universal safety modules MOVISAFE® UCS.B

Freddy Heinzelmann, Sales Global Marketing & Engineering, Product Management, Functional Safety / MEFS at SEW-EURODRIVE, Bruchsal, Germany

The multi-axis modules supplement the universally applicable safety modules of the series MOVISAFE® UCS.B.


This series enable

  • to shorten noticeably the response times in case of emergency by continuous safe monitoring of movement, position and speed of the axis,
  • to save up many mechanical safety devices
  • to transmit optionally the output signals to a safety PLC.


The safety-related disengagement stops the drive according to its track by means of a programmable high-speed stop and activates the safe torque shut down (STO) after a time delay. In this way the axes are stopped at a defined place.


Of course the safe monitoring corresponds to DIN EN 61800-5-2 and permits to work in the danger area up to the highest safety requirement according to EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level e (PL e).


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