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Visualisation of the machine on the Panel PC by Digitec enables fast operation

The Panel PC with control system is a current trend in the machinery industry. Visualisation belongs to it. Their benefits are directly visible for the machine-builder’s customer. Digitec shows, which benefits of the process visualisation score with the end-users.

The most significant benefit of the process visualisation

Visualisation of a saw machine

June 21st, 2010 - For the end-users the most significant benefit is clearly determined:

  • for the operator appearance and behaviour of the machine is visualised on the screen.

This makes VisiWin possible, the visualisation system for all current Windows operating systems.



Easy, reliable, fast operation by VisiWin

Visualisation of a machine

VisiWin permits an easy, reliable and fast operation:

  • Realistic 2D and 3D views of the machine crucially facilitate the operator’s orientation.
  • The control elements are visibly assigned to the machine functions making the operation easy and safe.
  • Animation sequences provide a still better understanding of the machine functions and necessary control steps for the operator enabling safe and reliable operations even under difficult conditions.

Gimmick? - No, imperative tool!

Visualisation of building services engineering

Seems this to be a gimmick?
Machines are becoming ever more efficient, more complex and their functionality ever more varied.

It is the process visualisation that decides whether high performance and high functionality come also into effect, i.e. whether the machine is easily, reliably and fast operable.


VisiWin is an open solution on scalable standard hardware

Visualisation of body construction

Therefore VisiWin is the imperative visualisation tool for the machine-builder. VisiWin is an open solution integrating WPF diagrams and directly connecting them with the process variables.

VisiWin is executable on standard Panel PC

VisiWin is executable on Panel PC as standard hardware.

Panel pc as product range

For this purpose Digitec offers a scalable system platform as built in Panel PC or stand alone terminal in different designs and versions.

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