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Customized drive systems from Leroy Somer

Water-cooled drive systems for the rubber and plastics industries

Three reasons for water-cooled in place of air-cooled drives

November 13th, 2013 - Why do the rubber and plastics industries often prefer water-cooled drives in relation to air-cooled solutions?


Water-cooled drives

  • Ensure the lowest noise level
  • Do not dissipate any heat losses inside the engine room and
  • Are almost ideally protected against harmful environmental influences such as types of dust and high ambient temperatures.


These crucial benefits often turn the balance in favor of water-cooled in place of air-cooled drive systems in the rubber and plastics industries.

Moreover water cooling still in smaller design

Leroy Somer combines the benefits of the water cooling with an extremely compact design with its SLSHR motor series. This design even achieves a reduction of up to 25% on weight and dimensions.


The sizes of these motor series are ranging from 250 to 500 mm, covering a power range from 55 to 2500kW. The motors are two-pole to eight-pole designed and finally the water cooling is carried out as a welded double-sheathed high-grade steel covering.


Due to the welded steel body, the dimensions can be variously customized and the noise levels can be lowered by 10 dBA.

Water-cooled motors
Water-cooled motor series SLSHR with Powerdrive frequency converters from Leroy Somer

Water cooling combined with variable speed

In particular in connection with its proven, optionally water-cooled Powerdrive frequency converters, meanwhile available in its second generation, Leroy Somer provides water-cooled frequency converter-and-motor-packages over a very large speed and power range that is exactly adapted to specific requirements, ensuring the ideal match of the two components converter and motor.

Only one single Powerdrive frequency converter type for both types of motor: asynchronous as well as synchronous motors

The Powerdrive frequency converters, ready for installation and completely wired in the control cabinet, are designed for powers of 60-2800kVA. Their modular body and the newly developed and extremely powerful electronic controllers consistently realize the trends to compact, universally applicable, user friendly and highly available frequency converter solutions.


Powerdrive is ready for the use of asynchronous motors, with or without rotary encoders, as well as for the use of high efficiency PM synchronous motors, likewise with or without rotary encoders.

Monitoring and diagnostic functions enable a maximum of availability

Through its integrated powerful monitoring and diagnostic functions, the possibility for the long term data recording, the capturing of important operating conditions just before the event of an unexpected fault, and the very easy repair possibility by module exchange, Powerdrive achieves a maximum degree of availability.

Trouble-free integration into machine automation

The trouble-free integration of Powerdrive converters into existing control is ensured by a number of optional interface modules for all common field buses, and the extension of the standard number of existing analog and digital I/Os.


There is also the possibility of trouble-free connection of Powerdrive to an existing supply network, for which a substantially reduced maximum permissible amount of harmonic frequencies is required. For such cases Powerdrive is also available with 12-pulse or higher pulse rectifiers as well as with active front end rectifiers.

Powerdrive and further drives and motors from Leroy Somer in hall 1, stand 310

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