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Yaskawa automation technology 2010

YASKAWA covers the current trends in the machinery industry with a broad range of attractive components as far as possible.

Ethernet-based interfaces and extended safety functions

Click on the picture to look at the frequency converters from Yaskawa.

March 19 2010 A set of Ethernet-based communication interfaces such as Mechatrolink-3, EtherCAT, Ethernet I/P, Powerlink are available for servo converters  of the Sigma-5 series and the frequency converters of the new 1000 series. Thus these products can be easily and efficiently integrated into the most diverse automation platforms. ProfiNet (I/O, RT and IRT) is currently in development.


Functional safety has a high priority with YASKAWA. Frequency converters and servo converters meet by default STO (safe torques off). Extended safe protecting functions such as SS1, SS2 and SLS are optionally available for servo converters of the Sigma-5 series.

Yaskawa - world market leader with linear drives

YASKAWA as world market leader in the area of linear drives offers in addition a broad range of rotary direct motors and linear motors as well as complete systems. more...

Application specified adaptations

Click on the picture to look at the servo drives from Yaskawa.

Frequency converters of YASKAWA are freely programmable and can be customised by the machine-builder to the requirements by software (CASE, DrivesWorksEZ). more...


Customer-specific or application-specific hardware and software adaptations are implemented in the European development centre in Eschborn. For the Sigma-5 servo converters intelligent option modules are available. MP2600iec is a 1.5 axes control system with full IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen motion functionality. An index for point-to-point positioning is likewise available. more...

Sensorless energy saving solution

With the power saving solution V1000+ECOiPM a high-efficient and compact drive solution is offered as sensorless converter-motor-package (IE3) for pumps, fans and compressors. more...


So the results of the actual „Change survey in the machinery industry“ acknowledge the planning and development of the broad portfolio of YASKAWA.


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