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The market shares of the largest automobile countries 2018 to 2010

Changing market shares at the world auto production assign China and the US as winners, Japan and Germany as losers

The report "The market shares of the ten largest automobile countries" covers a period of eighteen years from 2000 to 2018. Against this background this report highlights the changes that happened in the short term from 2018 to 2010.

Eight out of ten countries changed their ranking in eight years

Update July 1st, 2019 - In the ranking of the ten largest automobile countries during the period from 2010 to 2018 only rank one, China, and rank ten, France, keep their position unchanged. The eight further countries have changed their positions among the ten largest automobile countries.


The US and Japan have swapped places in favor to the US. Germany drops from rank four to five, India raises from rank six to four. Mexico climbs from rank nine to rank six.

South Korea, Brazil and Spain have to accept position losses.

Market shares of automobile countries at the world automobile production from 2010 to 2018.

China is the big winner, USA, India and Mexico also increase their market shares

In total, the ten largest automotive countries were able to increase their market share at world car production by 1.7 percentage points to 78.7%.

China is the big winner among the top ten automotive countries. In eight years, it has increased its world market share by almost 6 percentage points to 29.1%, which is well above average. No other country is even close to achieving this growth and market share.

The USA is also among the winners of the last eight years. The USA increased its market share slightly above average by almost 2 percentage points to 11.8%.

India and Mexico were also able to expand their market shares in eight years, however below average. India by just under one percentage point and Mexico by 1.3 percentage points.

All in all, these four automotive countries increased their world market share by almost 9 percentage points from 41.1% to 50.6%.

The changes of market shares of the automobile countries 2010 - 2018.

Japan and Germany are the big losers of the last eight years

Japan and Germany are the big losers of the last eight years. Japan's world market share shrinks by more than 2 percentage points to 10.2% and is thus below that of the USA with 11.8%.

Germany's world market share also shrinks by more than 2 percentage points to 5.4% and falls to fifth place behind India.

South Korea, Brazil, Spain and France also recorded declining world market shares.

The world market share of these six automotive countries fell by almost 8 percentage points from 35.9% to 28.1%.

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