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"The machine-builders must adjust themselves to the endusers..."

The Quest Trend Magazine looks attractive and it is in any case very positive that the users are considered. Therefore I would also welcome it even if the suppliers are evaluated. The machine-builders must adjust themselves also to the end-users.

Of course, it is fine if the machine-builder is focused e.g. on the reduction of the assembling times or start-up times. However, we as users see beyond the guarantee periods on the total run time of the system. For us it is much better if proven standard components are installed that could also be purchased independently from the machine-builder. In this case savings for mounting are to be neglected. The machine-builder should have special attention also beyond the guarantee period.

Or as we assert regarding MCT that some components cannot be connected to Profibus and therefore we have been struggling with a problem for one year, I think it is good to designate such problems in order to solve them. What is already common practice in the consumption sector should find its way into the automation sector, why not? If that develops into this direction, I will find it great. I do not have to fall for something others have already fallen for.

However, I do not want to have to read much. Therefore I prefer to be conducted directly to the headlines instead to intermediate pages. And then I expect links e.g. to Wikipedia, so that I am conducted, if necessary, directly to technical details e.g. regarding energy efficiency, what permanent-field motors are, how it works, how large are the savings or regarding frequency converters, how they efficiently operate.

In this context statement from the machine-builder that there is still no market for it or something like this are not sufficient for me. We, the end-users, are the market. My boss wants to get my clear statement. For this purpose I must be able to gather fast self-sustaining information. (Mr. Grävenstein, Radeberger Group) 16th April 2010




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