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Sales of machine tools compared to machinery industry from 2008 to 2020.

Machine tools and machinery industry 2008 to 2020: Production of machine tools below average

In comparison to the machinery industry, the sector shows a differentiated picture. more...

Growth expectations to machine tools to 2020 compared to German machinery industry.

Machine tools and machinery industry: Growth expectations to 2020

Compared to machinery industry the sector machine tools show similar growth expectations. more...

Export markets for machine tools from 2008 to 2017.

Export markets for machine tools 2008 - 2017: Shift back accomplished since 2016

Those export markets that had helped to leave the world economic crisis, are partly shifting in the background. more...

The structure of the export markets of machien tools in comparison to the machinery industry 2017.

Export structure of machine tools 2017: More focused on growth markets than machinery industry

The export regions of machine tools in comparison with the German machiner yindustry and the high concentration degree of the export of machine tools. more...

Industry structure machine tools 2017

Industry structure machine tools 2017: Stronger position of mid-sized firms

Compared to German machinery industry mid-sized firms of the sector machine tools are showing a stronger position. more...

Product segments of machine tools

Product segments machine tools 2017: Five segments determine production and sales

Five of the ten product segments of the sector machine tools coin production and sales of the sector more...

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