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Growth expectations in the sector Robotics and Automation

Growth expectations in Robotics and Automation twice as high as in machinery industry to 2020

The sector Robotics and Automation in the German machinery industry has been dynamically growing compared to the entire machinery industry. Its production has been growing by 80% since the pre-crisis year 2008 while that of the machinery industry decreasing by 2% as the sector report robotics and automation highlights.

Update June 11th, 2018 - This dynamic growth is of course reflected in the growth expectations of the machine-builders of this sector.

These machine-builders called their growth targets in the market survey from Quest TechnoMarketing about the use of servo drives in the German machinery industry. These targets mean a growth of machine production in the sector robotics and automation by annually 11% to 2020.

The reference value of all investigated machine-builders in the ten sectors stands at 5.5% p.a., i.e. by exactly half lower.

Growth expectations of the machine-builders in the sector robotics and automation until 2020 compared to machinery industry.

Growth expectations are distributed in a fairly uneven manner. Almost three quarters of the sectors's machine-builders does not see any growth of machine production to 2020.

One quarter of the sector's machine-builders expects growth within a range from yearly above 10% to 20%, which is clearly above average compared to machinery industry.

None of the investigated machine-builders in the sector robotics and automation is expecting stagnation or setback of machine production to 2020.

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