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Wood processing machines and machinery industry 2008 - 2017

Wood processing machines with significant decline and average sales

This report documents the course of production and sales of wood processing machines since 2008 compared to the German machinery industry.

June 26th, 2018 - The production of wood processing machines shows a spectacular decline of 50% in year 2017 compared to the pre-crisis year 2008, while production of the mechanical engineering fell by 2% in the same period.

From its crisis low in 2009, production of woodworking machines climbed to 80% of its pre-crisis level by 2011. Since then it has been falling year after year, only in 2013 and 2014 it stagnated. In 2017 its production index stood at 50.5 compared to 100 in 2008.

Production and sales of wood processing machines compared to machinery industry from 2008 to 2017.

The decline in production affects all four product segments of woodworking machines.

Compared with the years 2017 and 2008, production of planer machines, grinder machines and bending machines dropped with minus 37% the least in relative terms, and that of splitting machines, chippers and peeling machines by minus 71%.

The production of presses for the manufacture of chipboard was reduced by 49%, that of other processing machines by 59%.  The latter combine woodworking machines for various processing operations.

Average sales development of woodworking machines

Sales of woodworking machines could exceed their pre-crisis level for the first time in 2017 lying with an increase of 10% on the same development level as machinery industry that increased by 9%.

The opposite development of production and sales of woodworking machines resulted in strong increases to higher value-added machines in three out of four product segments. This will shortly be analysed by a separate report.

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