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Applications for rare earths.

Rare earths: Extraction and structural problems

The world-wide unstable supply situation of rare earths has specific causes. 4 parts aim to identify them trying to make an objective and useful orientation easier. more...

Supply and demand for rare earths to 2016.

Rare Earths: Supply and demand until 2016

How supply and demand until 2016 are projected. more...

Prices of rare earths.

Rare Earths: Price problems

Prices from 2009 to 2012 and their background. more...

Production of rare earths in China.

Rare Earths: The role of China

Since 1980 China has been following a market policy in regard to rare earths quite similar to that of the oil multis. more...

Dr. Harald Elsner, BGR.

Interview: Current developments with rare earths for the automation technology

Dr. Harald Elsner, economics geologist  in the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Hannover, Germany, discusses current developments like motors with magnetic materials without rare earths. more...

Dr. Matthias Buchert, Oeko Institute.

Interview: Recycling of rare earths for the automation

Dr. Matthias Buchert, Head of Division at Oeko-Institut, points out status and outlook of the recycling of rare earths mainly from permanent magnets and nickel metal hydrid batteries. more...

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