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Automobile production in Germany 2008 - 2023 December

After downtrend in automobile production of -16.4% p.a., back to +8.2% p.a. since February 2021

This report deals mainly with monthly changes of production and sales of the automobile industry in Germany based on official production statistics. A separate trend report publishes the trends in production and sales since the beginning of the world economy crisis in 2008 to 2023.

Update February 9th, 2024 - After overcoming the crisis low in April 2012, automobile production in Germany developed a six-year growth, interrupted by phases of slight decline and stagnation.

This growth trend culminated in July 2018 with 106.9 index points, the highest value since the global economic crisis in 2008, and a growth rate of 1.7% p.a.

Then the trend changed from growth to decline. From July 2018 to Februaryy 2021 production trend declined by 16.4% p.a.

Since then, automobile production has been grwoing slowly up and down again at 8.2% p.a. from February 2021 to December 2023.

Automobile production in Germany from 2008 up to 2023.

Sales trend at new high since global economic crisis 2008/09

Since mid-2012, sales also showed a growth trend (dotted line in the diagram), which continued until July 2018 and, at 104.8 index points, reached its highest level since the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008. The annual rate of this growth trend was 3.1%.

Thereafter, a downward trend of minus 7.9% per year developed until February 2021.

Sales of German automobile industry from 2008 to 2023.

Since February 2021, the sales trend has been growing in an up-and-down fashion like production at +13.1% per year until December 2023.